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Augusta practice area is sweet ! more courses should follow suit ?


    We have a few driving range only places, but they're just that - ranges.  No bunkers, no short game, small practice greens.  A few of the nicer semi-privates have improved options.  Driving range, larger greens, some targets, maybe a bunker/chipping area, etc.

    The truly nice ones are behind the high end country clubs that your daily golfer won't ever set foot on.  I think as tdogg mentioned above, if the "average" golf course improved their practice facilities they'd probably find a decent influx of members.  Many of us want to practice more than the ballstriking part of our game but the options may not be there.


    my course just last fall installed a "short game" practice area.  The area has a number of greens with bunkers which allows one to hit balls to various distances in more realistic course like setting.  Also traps near tee area that are used for sand play.  range area can also be closed so that this area is a 5 hole short course.  Maybe used as part of Junior program for a short par 3 course some times.  Also its anticipated that it will be used for some of our events to settle ties rather than just hitting wedges from first tee box to nearby 18 green ( closest to pin wins)  New area expected to open in May as was planted etc in fall.  we installed this where our old driving range was as that was limited length and only about 150 yds long  thus club selection for range was limited.  Now practice area will have better realistic targets at least.  

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    I wish more clubs would have short game areas.  Sadly no course that I play at have short game areas to practice.  Most do have a driving range and a putting green but most people need help around the greens and bunkers (scoring shots) than any other part of their game.


    I have seen practice areas of all sizes, shapes, conditions, etc. just make do with what is available.  Be thankful you have a place to warm up, so many course have no facility at all.

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    Would love to have something half that good close by... It's pretty hit and miss around here for decant practice greens/ranges

    Brings up my favorite quote by Arnold "The more I seem to practice, the luckier I get!)