Golf Marathon


    What's the most holes you have ever played in one day?  Up to this point, the most I've ever played is 24 holes, but I'm about to shatter that on 4/26. I'm participating in the Golf Marathon fund raiser benefiting the 1st Tee of Ft. Worth. I am signed up to play 100 holes between 7am to 7pm.  The format is 3 somes, with each person having their own cart. The course is closed to the general public that day, so we can blitz through the course.  If you are interested in donating PM me and I can send you the form. In my opinion it is a great cause and of course it is tax deductible.

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    The most I have played is 36. Good luck when you do the marathon that is a lot of holes for a great cause!

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    The most ive played is 81 Good luck with the marathon!


    Dallin, I played in a fund raising marathon for my local high school many years ago.  Played 130+ holes between 7 am and 7:30 pm.  High scoring round was the first, since I did not know the course prior to the marathon.  Turned out only 16 people played so we each had basically a hole to ourselves.  Individual carts so it was go, go, go.  Ours also had a rule that you played two balls on the par 3s, so things went even faster than I had expected.  It was fun, and exhausting.  Lots of water, lots of sunblock, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided.  Don't know that I would do it again, especially at my current age.


    Hey good luck! Great cause!

    Hope you have fun but 100 holes is still a lot even with a cart.


    Marathon Golf...That's a new one for me but great Fund Raiser Idea for a great cause - First Tee.  Look forward to seeing pics for this event. Most holes I've play back to back are 36.....Best of luck, Dallin.


    Played 45 a couple of times, but 27 is my limit now.  Good luck.


    Good luck with the marathon.  That's got to be a blast to do.

    I've played 54 holes more than a few times.  Longer days in summer makes it possible, but it makes it difficult to get a kitchen pass if I want to go out again on Sunday.  The heat can be a problem when it rises over a hundred . . . 110 at times.  First round is always on foot.  Yesterday, we played 18 on foot in about 3 hours.  Went back out after lunch with a cart and played under 3 hours. . . It was fun!

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    Done 54 a couple times... That's plenty for me unless there was some sort of fund raising


    Yesterday, the golf marathon was a huge success. I played 114 holes in just less than 12 hours. I'm a bit sore today...mostly in my back and heels.  We raised over $100,000 for the Forth Worth chapter.  I even was able to play a couple of rounds with Forth Worth's ex-mayor, Mike Moncrief.  I also played 18 holes with the Colonial Country club's relay team.  Thanks to FJ, I was extremely comfortable during my round. I was wearing my MyJoys (Contours), FJ polo, ProDry socks, FJ glove, and merino wool vest. They took pictures and I'll post them if they send me the pictures.