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mark of a golfer

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    most recognizable golf logo of all time!!! always Seen on the tour everytime!!!# Love the FJ


    welcome to the community.  It is Mark of a Player


    Welcome Osseogolfer to the FJ community.  Absolutely agree, the FJ is the most noticable "Mark of A Player"!


    Welcome Osseo. Thanks for your post and welcome to the forum.

    Probably need to be careful here with the "most recognizeable golf logo" claim. I agree it is an awesome logo and my personal favotire, but I dare say there is another company that has very widespread acclaim as recognizable logo; golf or otherwise.


    I too welcome you Osseogolfer. Great forum and you will enjoy all of the thinking and opinions on golf, FJ, and other topics that come up here every day!

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    Welcome to the FJC.



    The FJ Brand is distinctively golf and highly recognized.


    -ICONs for All


    Yeah FJ is a classic and now iconic logo. As it should be because they make outstanding products. That's why I love FJ and why I'm here.

    Welcome to the FJ community.


    Ditto osseogolfer. FJ... #1 name in golf. Today, Tomorrow & for ever!!!