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2013 Titleist Tournement Catalog


    This is awesome. Congratulations!


    The logo is from Wanumetonomy golf club in Middletown RI.  They picked the hat along with a few others.  I guess this is the one selected.

    Thanks for all the kind words.  Its been a great year so far.  Hoping I can achieve the FJA status and get invited to the annual FJA tournement is next goal I have my sights on.  That way I can meet may of the friends I have made on the community in person.

    You're almost there going and long before next years event you'll be an Ambassador...congrats on being in the catalog...thats a pretty nice picture as well...


    Thank you again for the word of encouragement.  I really want to pick up a pair of My-Joys to get me over the hump, but really want the FJA logo on the side with my next pair to show off my FJ Pride!


    BB, get a few more posts up, then talk to Devin/Rita about the MyJoys to take you over the top.  That way, you may be able to get the logo with the pair that takes you over the top./

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    Congrats. I m sure the catalog page will  framed  and on your golf wall.


    Hey, that is so cool!  Congrats,  Boston Buzza!