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913 Drivers Amateur Vignette


    Below is a link to the Titleist wesite that highlights the new 913.  This is a shoot I participated in last fall.  One of my friends happen to come across this and sent me a note.  I was not even aware it was released.

    I am the one in the green FJ shirt with tan FJ shorts and the FJ Master's Icon's holding the 913D3 with the orange and white AD-DI shaft.

    Thought I would share some some of you could get a couple of good laughs.




    a STAR is born! You all did a great job with your lines..Nice swing  Brian!!


    A Star is Born !  Great Video.....Like the alignment of the Amatuer Perspective on the new club.....


    Hey, that's pretty cool, Brian D.!


    Awesome.  Great to be involved in those outings.  I would love to do those, and I have a face made for radio.



    Fit for you my friend! I used my buddy Shaun's 913D this weekend. Unfortunately, it's not "fit for me," so it didn't work out well.... Maybe one day.


    You will have to give it another try.  Did you try the D2 or the D3?  My preference is the more traditional look and feel of the D3.


    A very small star, but thank you.  I enjoyed the day.  It was a great experience.  I also did a similar shoot for the 910 release.  Just lucky I live near the HQ I guess.

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    That is so awesome, what an honor...were you able to keep some clubs...hehehe  ;)


    Must be nice to live close enough to Acushnet for them to seek you out for a shoot like this.  Good look at the shoot, Brian.


    Ordered my D2 Friday and still waiting...... C'mon Titleist, I'm 25 miles from ya! :-)


    Great stuff Brian!  Manchester Lane in the background, right?

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    Very nice Buzza.  Cinderella story...this unknown....out of a Titleist commercial....in Mass.

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    Cool deal Brian.  I too am curious as to which one you were swinging.

    I just picked up a 9.5 D3 with the Diamana 72g S in it.  Have been having second thoughts on the shaft however.  That thing is much more boardy that the shaft i was fit on.  In fact I changed it out for a Diamana 65g X from a 910 and it was a little easier to turn over for me.

    I catch it low about 35% of the time.  It is forgiving and still is deep if you aren't dead center with it.  I just got to find a way to turn that head over.


    Nice Brian !!!! you are a rock star :)