New feature: View full size profile pictures!




    Hello faithful Community members,

    You asked for it, and we listened.  Now you can see a larger view of a user's profile picture by going to their profile and clicking on their profile picture thumbnail.

    However, profile pictures uploaded in the past will still display in the popup at the smaller size that was the standard when they were uploaded.  If you want to fix this so that your friends can see your profile picture in all it's glory, just re-upload your picture and it will be saved at the new, larger size.

    Thank you all for your support,


    Thanks, Lindsey!

    I have clicked on and have viewed a few. . . .  Has anyone clicked to see "dzabkar".  (LOL) creative, cool, fun!


    TT must be an interesting shirt ... hope you haven't desacrated a FJ.


    Great Idea! and should enhance each profile accordingly. Thanks!


    Completed!  Thanks for thinking of us, again.  Great new feature.



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    Nice upgrade.


    Thank you.


    Excellent upgrade though now this means I will actually have to find a reasonably nice photo to post...Time ot step up and ditch the FJ avatar...though I do like the green top...

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    great news, going to check it out as we speak....I mean type!!


    Please don't "Holley" me.  


    Nice jacket, TT.


    great upgrade!  thanks for constantly working to make this a better place.


    Thank you Lindsey/FJ Staff for once again making this the best Community experience :-)

    -ICONs for All

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    Looks gr8!!!


    Looks good!