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RIP: US Amateur PubLinks


    It was an honorable tournament that lost it's way.  College kids for the most part have taken over amateur golf.  I was lucky enough to have been an alternate once for the Publinks, Closest I have ever come to qualifying for a USGA tournament.


    Disappointing news,....To grow the game the USGA needs John Q.Public to participate. Public Links play is definitely on a different level than the USGA Amateur....Money speaks on all levels but decisions like this one need to be reevaluated for the true love of the game......


    The USGA has to change their slogan from " for the good of the game" - because most of the recent changes are not for the good of the game.

    Definitely agree with that tee2green...there have been many odd changes by the USGA that is not good for the game