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ck-weighted golf grips - Have you tried these?


    Has anyone out there tried a back weighted golf grip? The assertion is that weight placed in the butt of the club handle can counter balanced the weight in the head of the club (I think) and lead to more consistent ball striking and maybe even a faster swing. Here is a link to a Golf Digest article on a new product and version of this idea:


    Love to hear your thoughts about this concept...


    I like the new GP that is lighter and helps with swing weight adjustment.  Been tinkering with that.



    Only on putters.  Heavy putter does this.


    It counter balances thought it also add to the overall weight of the club.

    Remembering the late 90s, there were inserts you can place at the butt of the club for the same concept.  The putter insert got some attention (I still have it on my Ping putter- used to love it on fast greens).  Some guys had it on wedges as well as mid irons.  But, I'm not sure it gave anyone a significant advantage or any at all.

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    Can't see myself spending $16.99 on one grip.