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    I only play the ProV1x.  It is simply the best overall ball for my game.  There are big differences in golf balls.  I like the way the ProV1x plays - thus I cannot change...

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    I definitely notice the difference from a less expensive ball.  The ProV1 is the best for me but I generally play the NXT Tour S due to price.

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    Luckily for me many of the folks where I play hit PRO V's and I have a 21' ball retriever that works great when there is no one behind us.


    BRUCE, at least through the end of January, the golf shops are still selling the 2012 Pro-v1s and Pro-v1xs for $39.99.  If you grab a few dozen, you'll have enough premium Titleists to last you a good while, without paying $48 + per dozen.  Otherwise, there is always the gift wish list for birthdays and Christmas--I got two dozen Pro-v1xs for Christmas, for example.  I also follow the route that Bobby takes--finding and using other people's balls found on the various courses I play.  A small scrape or ding doesn't really change their performance at my level and I can play a ball for two or three rounds, unless I give it back to the golf gods.  I do use new balls when I play in a tournament, though.


    Ah, the days of old and an Acushnet Club Special for 60 cents.


    The NXT Tour S is a nice 2nd best, but definitely not a regular substitute for me. Knock on wood, I don't lose many balls, but they end up getting scraped by cart paths. Those balls end up in my bag and are pulled out when a bad round isn't worth pulling out new balls for. I think I once played the same ball for 4 consecutive rounds!


    Bruce...hit me up on a private message and i can give you an email address to a guy i purchase my pro v's from that are well below retail...