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Quick reminder -- Private Message FJ Community Support for site assistance


    Just a quick reminder, our community is a pretty busy place and I (and my team) don't always get to read every post. 

    If you are experiencing a technical issue or have a question about using the site, you can check out the "Help" section or Private Message FJ Community Support.

    Feel free to add us as a friend right now if you haven't already, so that we will be close at hand if you need us. Just click on our Icon and click on "Add as Friend" in the upper right of the screen.

    Sending a private message to FJ Community Support will trigger an email to several people and will help ensure you get a timely response.

    Thanks for helping us to improve the FJ Community!




    Denise, thanks again for staying on your game.  You truly are "The Mark of A Player" for our community.


    hear hear, thanks for being on top of it


    way to go Denise like bostonbuzza said you truly are The Mark of A Player