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Latest Golf Magazine


    Here's the latest issue of my magazine. It's the 20th anniversary of Kansas City Golf Tournament & Travel! And now that it's done, I can head to the PGA Show!

    This is a link to my designer's website -- we only do print, working on web. If the link doesn't work or if you just want a hard copy, PM me and I'll send you the real thing.




    I can't get the link to work.  I just get a grey screen with a swirly in the middle.


    It is slow to load sometimes -- you can refresh, or maybe just copy and paste the link. Sorry you're having problems. Thanks for looking!

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    Not from the KC area but I read through it.  Good stuff.


    The magazine uploaded after a bit of time and its cover sports a great shot of KC's greatest golf champion, Tom Watson holding the PGA Seniors trophy. The trophy is bigger than my 5 year old....Content is really nice Chris - (Note: typo in the ad for Meadowbrook CC in bottom black banner. website s/b ".org"

    Nicely done magazine! Next issue is a must for FJ advert, wouldn't you agree??!!

    Senior PGA  comes to St. Louis and Bellerive CC in May...it'll quite an event!

    Congratulations on a well edited, very attractive regional golf magazine. Kansas City is obviously a golf hot bed and spreading the word through your publication will help to maintain that status..



    Thanks for the issue. It's a great read, especially the Ryder Cup piece on Captain Watson. Congratulations!


    I am unable to get the link to work properly. I will try again at home.  Thank you for sharing and I will have a good article to read tonight.

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    Thanks for mag link. Good reading. Hope you had the opportunity to play the Streamsong courses.


    Great job, Chris ! Your efforts and energy are evident.....Don't forget to post photos from the PGA Show for all of us !


    Chris, you were right.  It simply loads slowly.  I finally got the link to work and read through the issue.  i liked the article on the LPGA masters play last October and your review of the new Streamsong resort in Florida.  Thanks for sharing it with us.


    For some reason, I still can't get this to load but I can probably pick one up at the KC Golf show.Thanks Chris!

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    Very nice and congrats. A good read. Looking forward to the Senior PGA at Bellerive.