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Super Bowl Predictions


    Bet the house on this one, the team coached by J. Harbaugh will win...

    Way to go out on a limb with that one Michael!


    Being a Patriots season ticket holder, it pains me to start this post this morning...Both teams beat us this year, so I have no argument to say why we should be there.  

    Who do you think is going to win the Super Bowl (or should I say the Har-Bowl?  

    As a Pats fan, I am rooting for Randy Moss and the 49'ers to beat the Ravens.  Not sure on the score yet, but I like the SF guys straight up.

    Also, Sammy - are you going to the game in New Orleans?

    I am with you...still in shock.  Not sure what happened in the 2nd half, but not the same team.  I really don't care for many players on the Ravens, but want to see AFC win.  I guess Flacco deserves it if anything.


    I think this is going to be a very good game, regardless of who wins.  Having watched the defenses, I think Baltimore's is better right now.  I like the 49'ers in general, but somehow this does seem to be the Ravens' year.


    Im torn either way, but would love to see R. Moss get a ring!


    Do I even have to say who I am picking ?

     Quest for Six !!!!! Go Niners!

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    I will have to go with the Niners since the Ravens beat my Pats into the ground.

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    I'm just hoping for a good game...If I had to pick it would probably be the Ravens, I would like to see Ray Lewis go out on a high note.


    i'm wearing my Raven gear and deciding where i should go to cheer on my Ravens (sorry New Englanders)!  having your team in the super bowl is a blessing and curse.  happy to have them there, but won't be able to enjoy any super bowl parties because i'll be too into the game.


    Tim - enjoy it this year...Pats will be back in it next year.  


    Harbaugh's team will win (ok lame joke).  I like the 49ers but it would be cool to see Ray Lewis go out with another ring

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    I am taking the Ravens 30-27.  Ray Lewis wills his team to victory.  


    Tim - enjoy it this year...Pats will be back in it next year.

    i'm sure you're right.  the patriots are too good of an organization.

    on a side note, if the Ravens win, they will tie the patriots for the most wins since 2008.