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Tiger MC on Ruling


    The caddies should be reading the rules as well, just ask Dustin!

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    What's his incentive to not make a rules mistake?  Makes $3 million for 2 days work and maybe a couple parties.

    No problem.


    Thanks for the chuckle, Brian ! One does have wonder though that a Golf Professional such as TW doesn't know the rules backwards.....

    I thought is was because they counted the # of clubs in his bag and found he carried a shovel after his 1st drive.  Needed to dig it out.


    Going to get to the point where the game is going to get slowed down so much because Pros will call an official over for every ruling! Better put an official with every group!

    Let's remember that the rules officials are working "without" a contract at this time...(begs to question why the official that was 200 yards away did not get involved on his own accord given all of the commotion with two players off the course.)

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    Most of the Pros know and understand the rules but as mentioned earlier, there are so many "locality" stipulations that it would beg for a rules official in each incident to keep you from getting hanged for an infraction. Live and learn...

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    Talk about a sweet deal. Here's $2mln for showing up...sketchy rules infraction....fire up the G5...thanks for the $$$!