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What a Great Product...


    I was looking for a better way/method of cleaning clubs and look what I found:

    The Club Whizz (http://www.clubwhizz.com.au/)


    The Club Whizz® pops off easily and comes with a ventilated nylon bag with a pull-chord and tie to conveniently store the brush portion of the product in your golf bag.


    This is innovative and exactly what I was looking for. Cannot wait to get one and roll it out for the season.

    -ICONs for All



    What a cool idea.  I will typically carry my own bag or ride.  Pull carts are not my thing, but thank you for sharing.  I think Club Whizz may have this one right.  Good luck to them.


    that is a great idea but ill would have no need for it because if i walk i switch from my staff bag to my stand bag and i carry it


    what a simple yet ingenious product.


    Neat idea, but pull carts are not my thing, mostly carry or ride for a quick round

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    WOW, I know someone who will love this thing!


    Don't do pull carts, I use a wet towel, wipe down club after each use and can clean my ball on the green with it.  Been doing it for so long if I don't have a towel I can't play worrying about cleaning my clubs.


    Now, how does this work? As I push the cart with one hand, I  hold and clean the club with the other? Or does it work well with the cart in a stationary position?  I haven't been to the web site yet...I too am a walker who cleans with a damp towel as I go...OR hire a good caddy - give a kid a summer job!

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    Me too Bob but pretty cool idea for those so inclined


    Cleaning while walking doesn't look easy.


    Pretty cool, but my calf does a great job of licking my clubs clean.

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    Great idea.  I might give this a look for my cart.