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New Headcovers

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    Oh man those are sweet!  I've always been a Jan Craig or Rocket Tour guy but Iliac's and Stitch has been growing on me.

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    I have a set of Stitch and they do a fine job of protecting clubs.  I personally prefer Cru because of the customization, but Stitch makes a nice product.  


    Love the Carolina Blue & As the song goes:  Carolina Dreamin on a cold winter day!

    Bob, I am always thinking; "In my mind I'm goig to Carolina." Nothing else even comes close.....


    Tar Heel

    Very sharp, Randy. Can you comment on the thickness of the cover? And your confidence in them protecting your clubs? They look a little thin in the picture, but obviously in person is a different experience.

    Thin like your hairline Mikey?

    They are leather with a cloth inner panel. The leather has an appropriate thickness IMO to withstand the use you have on course, i.e. removing and replacing the cover. I do not think you'd find them lacking when compared to any current stock cover like cloth, yarn, or the stuff that comes from club manufacturers.

    Haha please, my hairline is just fine thank you, as one of the younger FJAs I plan to have my hair for many years to come. Thanks for the info I like the way the look in the bag, may have to pull the trigger and get a set for myself.


    Whaq.....you can also get custom embroidery on any clubhead cover they offer. (they don't offer this option on line)      Give Charlie a call at (866)-529-9448. Also I posted  many pics of the product under the post my visit to Stich Golf.


    They came out pretty nice Randy...enjoy this season....