12-12-12 only once in a lifetime


    12-12-12 = Reminds me of some of the scores I had on the Fantasia Gardens mini-golf course in Disney...That was no joke - they made those holes brutal!!!!!

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    Missed a round of golf with Don this morning because the D.A. wanted me to testify for thirty seconds, utter waste of my last day off!

    Should have asked for a continuance. Hey, can you specify "near a nice golf course" in the witness protection program?

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    I guess I'm old. I have seen:








    and now 12-12-12.

    By the way I have a nice dark green alabaster Mayan Calandar for sale. Get it while it still works! Hurry, time is running out.


    I quess I don't see the fasination with this date. Most of us have seen everyone of these from 01-01-01 thru 11-11-11 already and there wasn't nearly the hype that 12-12-12 has recieved.


    So have I.


    Actually it is 12-12-2012.

    Of course you would have to go back to days when you needed to avoid Roman Soldiers if you wanted to try to actually do the 12-12-12. But with the use of the Julian Calendar the predecessor of the Gregorian Calendar and Roman numerals being in vogue along with terms describing phases of the moon such as Ides the thing whole thing would be rather difficult.

    So the best thing to do is just forget it.


    LOL - beware, the old man sells a broken calendar.


    Pretty funny stories.  The back cracker was pretty good.  I had an x-ray and found out I have an extra vertebrea in my lower back.  Apparently 3-7% of people have this.  Never heard of this before and wasn't sure what to make of it.  May have to seek a 2nd opinion on that...

    Anyway after the chiropractor, I was able to head over to Pawtucket CC for a round.  We ended up with 10 guys.  We played 5 man teams, 1 gross and 1 net score per hole.  Not a bad day as far as the temp.  Held steady around 42 with no wind.  Ended up light in the wallet $5.00 and shot 72.  Best peice of the day was the Dad ended up on my team.