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A joke, but true story.


    A guy we call Stevo has struggled with his putting for a few years now.  Over the weekend he walks through the pro shop and spotted a real nice SC putter, tested it and loved it, putted good with it, too!  

    Stevo, made enough good comments about it, everyone was happy for him, but one of our guys who he plays with each week, we like to call him Bing, said, "Don't buy that putter!" And it simply talked Stevo out of it.  Three hours later, Bing buys the putter and puts it in his bag.

    ~The End

    They are real good friends and they carpool together to golf each week.  I'll leave you all the comical comments between the two to your imaginations.

    Thanks for reading.


    Bing would be a perfect fit for Wall Street sales...(wink)...Stevo - get over to the SC web site and buy that putter! OR have the pro order another AND If Stevo and Bing are members of the same club, Stevo should make sure the purchase is billed to Bing's account!!  


    Very funny Noel.  I bet Stevo doesn't give him any "gimmes" from now on.


    that is a good story and i think the only reasion that Bing talked Stevo out of buying it is because he didnt want him to have the upper hand in the group