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Earning Points - FJ Ambassador Program



    It's interesting to learn more about FootJoy products-- fun is included!

    It's just different knowing or understanding the quality of golf gears I'll have on on the course --- makes a difference.  It feels great and plays great. . . they look good put together., too . .  it also got me a few points towards FJA while having fun along the way.

    Anyway, cool golfing weather is ahead this weekend (out here in SoCal)-- near 60s!


    must be nice :) 40's and rain this weektend.

    It really was.  We got 36 in Saturday!  Sunday, my brother and I worked at the range for about three hours and then putt for an hour or so.  Sorry you had to deal with the rain over the weekend. Hopefully you'll get better weather soon.  How close are you to Bandon dunes?


    5 hour drive, 1 1/2 hour by plane. have not been yet. It is  way down there. 


    It's rough living in SoCal, right? We've been pretty lucky here as well. On to the discussion at hand, the journey to becoming a FJA is fun, but we "Americans" are really tied to "Instant Gratification" and in my case, I initially, was too concerned with that and, know I am not alone. However, as I became more and more involved, I took the time to truly discover how much the Footjoy products are simply better than the day-to-day competitor's products.


    I agree with Randy...makes lots of sense...