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M. Jordan and his cargo shorts!


    Lack of fashion or just doesn't care! Good for the club, but should have told him when he got out of his car!



    Guess this is a case of "any press is good press". Sounds like he was there for a long time before the round and was not told anything until the 11th hole.


    i applaud them for sticking to their rules (sort of).  would have been nice if they had told him right away or the first time he was there, but they eventually got it right.

    personally, i don't have an issue with cargo shorts and don't really understand why they aren't allowed.  but if that's the rules, i respect it.

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    Rules are rules...even if you are Michael Jordon. I do agree however, they should have said something prior to start of the round.


    You would think he would know better than to show up with those.  I am sure it was noticed immediately, but no one wanted to step up and tell him, "Sir, Mr. Air, those are going to fly on the course".

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    Waiting till the 11th round was a bad idea...he is already over 50% done with his round...don't ruin a guys round because of a pair of shorts? That should be addressed when he walked in or when he joined as a member barring in mind he is a member there. But i agree with BostonBuzza who is going to tell the greatest basketball player of all time...sir you can't wear those here....


    i wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't more to the story.  maybe someone in his entourage wasn't behaving and this was the excuse to get them out without a scene.  (or less of a scene).  MJ isn't exactly known for traveling with the best character people.  (Charles Oakley anyone?)


    Here is a link to one of the articles written.  Very similar to the ESPN insert TNT provided.


    Title: In Wake Of MJ Incident, Governing Bodies Need To Look At Courses That Actually Enforce Cargo Short Ban

    Link: http://www.geoffshackelford.com/homepage/2012/11/29/in-wake-of-mj-incident-governing-bodies-need-to-look-at-cour.html



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    Yeah not great style...

    I saw Duval trying to Monday qualify this year in cargo shorts and a baggy, untucked polo this summer.


    I agree with the decision of that is the rule however why so long into the round...wonder what really was happening???


    The funny thing is,  it's Jordan a known clothes hog. Those cargo shorts are expensive for sure. they should have told him when he arrived.


    i think that is a lack of fashion


    I think that it is a dumb rule. Dont mess w/ MJ. Come on really!? Is there nothing better to do that jump all over a 6 time NBA champion for the type of shorts he wears?


    As far as they shoud have told him earlier try using that as an excuse the next time you get caught speeding.

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    If I were MJ I wouldn't hold my breath for an Augusta National invite.