Full Treatment at an Event?

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    I typically wear a golf shirt, shorts, and sneakers. The shoes are mainly for comfortable walking, I like to see the entire course and several different groups so we usually end up walking 5-6 miles.  


    i always dress nice and golf appropriate, but if i'm not playing, it's sneakers for me.  when i was at the US Open, we did so much walking, i wanted to make sure i was as comfortable as possible.  so it was my lightweight running shoes.  but i would definitely wear a nice FJ shirt.  pants/shorts would depend on the event.  i like cargo shorts, depending on what you are attending and when, you tend to have a lot of "stuff" (pairing sheets, napkins, camera, etc....).


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    I'm with a majority of the others; however, I would normally wear my FJ Street shoes - no spikes - Just better for walking (Do you see caddies wearing cleated shoes - think about that one).

    Honestly, I respect everyone's opinion about not wearing spikes/cleats.  I wouldn't wear it if it wasn't necessary or if it won't be any use to me.  I'm just saying, Sherwood, this course, from tee to green is walkable without spikes.  But a spectator will most likely be along some of the hillside for a better view.

    Many or most (probably 99%) of the folks do not wear spikes as a spectator there.  But I've heard it many-many times from guys when walking up and down grassy areas, "wish I had golf shoes on!"  I think it is safer for me to wear them in situation like that.

    But I guess, if I'll just be in the pack along the cart paths, I won't need spikes.

    I'm just saying.


    Noel, if you are more comfortable wearing the spiked shoes, than go for it.  It is your feet and safety that you should be concerned with.  I highly doubt you care if someone says "hey look at that guy in the spikes...what does he think he's playing too?"  That is funny and even funnier when you watch him / her slide down a hill on their ***......GO FOR IT!!!


    (lol) . . .  yeah, I mean, no I don't care what anyone think-- I just know I'll need it.  Thanks!

    At the Riv, or at any course where it's not so hilly.  Tennis shoes or any spikeless would do.

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    When I was at the Ryder Cup this year I wore FJ shorts with an embroidered collar FJ polo every day.  I paired these looks with high crown visors Ryder Cup visors and athletic shoes.

    One of my pet peeves however is when people wear spikes to walk around the just looks silly.  You don't need spikes to walk a course...what are you waiting for Tiger to ask you step in and hit the shot?


    I would dress my best but I've never worn golf shoes as an attendee...if you have the streetshoes those would be a good option...