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Beverage Cart


    Over the years I haveplayed number of courses and some have them and some do not. Early on all you could get were beer and pop. then came water and now some actually are carrying Gatorade or similar type hydration drinks. But once a side is enough. I have actuallly been carrying my own drinks lately because on weekdays many courses don't have the carts going.


    Kelly, did you stop to think what the name of Gatorade could have been if it were invented by those from the other Florida team. Just think, you might have to drink Seminole Fluid. 


    Even though I like seeing the beverage cart girl 2-3 times during a round, I get really bothered by those that know etiquette and / or how not to be seen while doing their jobs.

    I think the course should "train" them on the do's and don'ts and I'm not sure they do...


    Ty Webb

    Well it would depend, 1. If I was playing a casual round......I would hope for @ least  twice per 9.

    2 If this were serious than twice would be good, as the course would have water and i don't  drink  when money is involved.