Anchoring Ban


    Looks like the ban will be on anchoring but not long putters which will make it interesting. What happens if a "belly putter" is touching the shirt but not anchored? Alot of questions need to be answered. From what I have read there will be a 90 day "grace" period where they will listen to the pros and their opinions. This is a big deal; opens the door for other changes if the USGA and R&A deem worthy, such as balls and other club changes.

    Mike, some of us shorter, stouter guys already touch our shirts or jackets with our short putters, so that's already out there.  I don't see the anchoring issue at play in that case.

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    I think its a good deal to ban states in the rules of golf that you can not anchor anything to the body to aid in the swing process. Dont see much advantage to having a long putter any more unless you hold it off the side of the body. The ball issue may take longer to sort out then this did but my guess is at some point they will come to a restriction on the golf ball itself.


    Glad I sold my belly putter during the season!  Unfortunately, it made no difference for me - the putting still stinks!


    BTW, I can't use a belly putter anyway. If I stuck one in my belly I'd never get the club part back....

    "Body by Ruth's Chris Steak House".....

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    It really doesnt have any effect on me but a few of my buddies " anchor their putters". I think it will be something they will for sure have to work on since they have been putting with them since they were in high school. Time will tell!! I think it will be interesting to see how soon the PGA Tour guys transition to it. Look at Phil, he swithced to the "claw" and it has helped him.  The claw will be more prominent in my personal opinion.


    i don't see how anchoring helps either.  I don't care because I putt traditionally but I wouldn't be upset if the rest of my group was belly putting.  Whatever works for them.  I carry 3 wedges and maybe they'll carry 2 or 1.  Still got to get the ball in the hole.

    Agreed.  It's helped a lot of guys, but the world number one and winner of both money lists (in the last two years) have been rolling traditionally.  The anchoring thing is weird, and I'm glad they made a ruling- one way or another.  As for the ball, distance is just as much related to course conditions as it is to technology.  Titleist has a technology vs tradition slideshow that's very interesting.  Like many recent rulings, I think it will affect the amateur more than the professional.  All the "old guys" at my club will be ticked about the ruling.  They all rock belly putters


    While I can understand the ruling if there is definite evidence that anchoring provides an unfair advantage...if there is no evidence I can only believe it is a witch hunt of a few that have recently won...

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    While I can understand the ruling if there is definite evidence that anchoring provides an unfair advantage...if there is no evidence I can only believe it is a witch hunt of a few that have recently won...

    Agree.  It's been around for years...why the uproar now?

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    I don't like the ruling and think that it will ultimately be bad for the game of golf. Anything that makes the game easier for some keeps the everyday player in the game. If they want to forbid anchoring for pros it doesn't mean this rule needs to be applied to

    amateur players, including seniors. I have been using one form or another of anchoring as long as anybody around and I will

    probably continue using it, as I no longer play competitively. The ball is a much bigger deal than anchoring. You don't wait until its been around for decades and tour championships are won with a style and then rule it out. Bad decision for the game.


    while I understand the decision at the pro level, I strongly believe it will be bad as there may be a lot of players that leave the game because of the decision...


    i am strongly against two sets of rules.  we have different tees, that should be enough.  the point of the rules isn't to make the game easier.  i don't want to use a juiced ball and a non-conforming driver.  i could if i wanted, but it would be an empty feeling anytime i had a good score.  i would feel the same if i was using clubs or swings the pros aren't allowed.

    with that said i am also against anchoring and i can't believe anyone will leave the game because of this rule.  there is a VERY small proportion of amateur golfers using the long putter.  and an even smaller percentage of those are new golfers.  golf is a very hard sport.  that is what attracts so many people to the game.  if someone quits golf because it's too hard, they probably wouldn't have stuck with golf anyway.