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need some new socks

need some new socks


    I am in need of new socks and prefer a lower pair rather than crew socks.  I have been wearing the various models of FJ socks and after awhile they seem to fall in the heel area.   Note I play about a 140 rounds per year and am a walker so they get plenty of usage and washings.  I have found that the merino wool socks I own do not have that happen but they have been discontinued.  They seem to fit the snuggest of any sock I own. but have been discontinued and I only picked up 2 pair when I purchased them.  I am starting to toss socks now and want to order some replacements.  what do people suggest?  Has anyone used the Prodry roll tab?  I like low cut but should I be using the Sport models?  all comments appreciated.  

    The ProDry roll tab is the only sock I will wear on the golf course, they are great. I have never had one fall below the collar of the shoe but they are low profile enough for the no show look.

    The low cut compression ones are what I use. To me, it feels like the compression socks are a true low cut as compared to the low cut prodry.

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    I am located in California and we have roadrunner sports out here.  They have fitted socks that work really well, as I am a walker too.  I run alot and walk the courses as well and the socks have held up thus far.  I am probably 30 rounds and about 150 miles into a pair so far.

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    This is the sock I wear and they are great.


    Pro dry extreme low cuts are awesome!! very cushy.

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    I called into FJ Customer Service with the same question.  The recommendation was the ProDry roll tab.  I ordered a few pairs and anticipate positive results.


    Thanks Devin for the feedback.  I will need to order some from my pro shop next time I am in to play.  Appreciate the response.  

    Anyone else wants to add comments feel free -- I won't be placing an order for a few days and while Devin is an expert all recommendations are welcome.  


    Very interesting Devin and I will have to try them.  

    I have been wearing the Tour Compression Low cut since they came out and love them!


    Pro Dry is the way to go.  I rotate through about  8 pair.  I still have roll tops that are years old and still hold up nicely.  I usually punch a hole through the toe. For a very tight fit try a pair of compression socks.


    The ProDry roll tab is the only sock I will wear on the golf course, they are great.  I have never had one fall below the collar of the shoe but they are low profile enough for the no show look.

    The prodry roll top would be the perfect low cut (without the roll top) sock but I may grab a pair of the roll top to try.

    So my big question is, how does the neck hold up? All my low cut prodry necks are stretched out but that doesn't stop me from wearing them cause I love them.

    Any value packs of 3 or 4 pairs coming soon?


    I just had my pro shop order me 6 pair of the ProDry roll tab in black.  I also found 2 pair additional pair of the merino mixed in a drawer with my full length socks ( retired so don't use full length much anymore nor any socks except for golf) so a nice surprise.  


    I have been wearing the the ProDry Roll tab (my order came in) and am very happy with them.  I play approx 4 -5 times a week so have been washing them so as to get a sense of how they hold up.  So far they are not slipping so I had my shop order me 6 in whites well.  

    Devin thanks for the initial response.

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    Older models seemed to fall but new ones are great.  If your shoes are on the large side, have extra room, they will slide easier.


    Its been about 5 months using the roll tab socks and i will say that they have been holding up very well without the slippage.  I highly recommend these to anyone for comfort and durability in a low sock.  Devin's recommendation was spot on from when I started this thread.