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    Oh, you know that movie do you??

    I'll stay away from the toy trucks but I'm willing to put on the foil if I need to fight!!

    From the Hanson site:

    Did you actually “foil up?”
    No, but we taped our hands like boxers until the leagues banned it. After that, we scuffed up the knuckles of golf gloves, soaked them in water, and dried them on the radiator until they were nice and crispy. We made sure that we got in a fight on our first shift because they softened up after we started sweating.


    I wonder if Footjoy would put them under contract

    great idea! they could do a GWP with the black glasses. One of the best movie of all time!



    I know I am not bigfoot, I wear a 9.5M.  I am a huge fan of no shows but the mens socks are huge.  The portion where my heel should be is up the back of my ankle.  Does anybody else have this problem?

    I have not had any problem with the socks. I wear a 9.5 M or D width shoe and have never had a problem with the socks. It is probably that you are just pulling them up too hard. I always wash mine first and that may be another solution for you. Try washing them in hotter water and drying them on high with like clothing. That should work for you.


    I like the idea Shaun..and you are correct about it being one of the best movies of all time...

    I think I know almost every line by heart to the whole movie -- worn out a couple of tapes from watching so much.


    Maybe I'm special... what's the movie?


    Hey EM...we're talking a hockey movie...Slapshot...cult classic if you're into hockey...a must see!!




    Do you guys use different textures and thicknesses according to how a particular pair of shoes fits? You know how new shoes are tighter, so you have to wear thinner socks until you get them broken in?

    I wear the same thickness socks no matter what golf shoe im wearing.  This sounds silly but I used to have tons of different kinds of socks and hated digging to find matching pairs.  I threw them all away and started over from scratch.  I bought 2 dozen ProDry extreme Oatmeal, 1 dozen in navy, and 1 dozen white Sport.  It makes it so easy when doing laundry and getting ready in the morning.  The bad thing is I have about 6 pair of the new TechSof which I LOVE but the ProDrys arent wearing out fast enough :)

    I'm waitng to wear out a few more before I get andy new ones from FJ. But your idea of getting a number of them without having to fool around with the different ones is a good idea. I'll put that ot good use when I do order new ones. Thanks Nick.


    ya sometimes if they are brand new but i wear a 10.5-11


    I'm a 9.5D and just watch out what socks I purchase. In the heat of the summer, I sometimes wear my running socks that are very thin .  Nike Golf also makes a thin sock that fits just right for me.


    GREAT TIP,golfchick.


    good topic, i wear 14-15 depending on the shoe. and i can never find socks that fit me. no one carries xl size socks. most of the time, i just buy regular size and they stretch a little.

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    I generally err on the side of bigger socks just in case. But generally FJ socks fit pretty true to size.