Pro Dry Extreme, A laundry lesson

    So this morning I was rushing to get ready for work. I put on a pair of socks, which happened to be a pair of Pro Dry Extreme. Put on the shoes and was ready to head out, but something didn't seemed right. What was it? Took of the shoes and looked down, and there it was! I had on two "left" sock! When I did the laundry I apparently didn't pay attention and had the socks mixed up. Jeez...... So why is this relevant to you? It became quickly obvious that the left-right construction of the socks really is noticeable. You cal feel the support, or better still, the lack of support in a regularly constructed sock. The perfect formed footbed and specific materials for comfort and support truly can make your foot feel better and perform at a higher level. Think a sock is just a sock? Try these and you'll definately see and feel the FJ difference.

    ok yea but I like my pro dry extreme socks but you are right make sure that you put them on the right foot or else they are uncomfertable

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    Maybe they can make them a different color.. :)


    This is a great point you bring up...the R and L are really two different support and construction mechanisms...I am glad you mentioned it...I thought I was the only one that had accidently worn two Lefts! LOL


    I have run into this problem once, just once after that you learn to sort your socks better. Next time :)


    yeah, i failed to notice one day last month. Shot 75 missing 6 putts inside of 10 feet and, as I undressed for the shower, noted the socks were on the wrong foot. Can we get larger printing on top of the sock in the future? ;-)


    Randy I already noticed that. I really felt the difference.

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    I was wondering if anybody would like to share the difference between the ProDry and ProDry extreme because I have a pair of ProDrys and think they are amazing socks