TechSof Sport socks


    The Merino socks are the best that FootJoy makes.


    Darnit - I played yesterday wearing my TechSof socks and shot 75 because I couldn't make anything for birdie. When I took the socks off of my feet, I noted they were on the wrong feet. Let this be a lesson to y'all  - if you want to shoot lower scores, learn to read your socks.

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    I agree FJ makes a great sock.


    After received the Techsof Tour from the FJA giveaway I got the impression that used the best socks in the world. Now I bought some more but in high version and confirm that they are even more comfortable than the Prodry I used to use. 

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    Techsofs are just a little more breathable compared to the ProDrys

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    Techsof sport are great.  Just replaced my old techsof low.  What is difference the new ones make