Black or white? High or low?

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    I'm generally a white on white, black on black kind of guy when it comes to shoes, however, I think i've found an exception. I've recently  purchased a pair of shoes that are white, however the inside of the shoe is black which shows around the ankle a bit and they also have black laces. I think they actually look better with black socks.


    Summer(Short weather) = white for light color, black for all others


    Winter(Pants weather) = color is not too relevant, prefer long to keep the legs a bit warmer.


    I'm a simple man: Black with Black shoes, white with white or other color shoes.

    I do not play much in the cold (sub 50*) and prefer to travel to where is it warmer or hit the Dome for practice.


    -ICONs for ALL

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    Agreed, but white low cut fj's

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    Low black socks are all I wear. They match my shoes, and I love the way they look.

    Mostly grey socks for me. I wear low cut merino wool grey socks mostly. very nice style

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    With Shorts: White, Low Cut socks

    With Pants: High Socks that match the Pants (Navy Blue, Khaki or Olive)

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    White shoes = white low profile socks.

    black shoes = black low profile socks.

    ditto here
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    I personally say white and low