New sock options for 2012

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    Sweet!  Let's get some argyle up in here



    That wink can only mean one thing Josh.  DG knows the Argyles are coming!  

    Which isn't a stretch when you look at the fall '12 clothes too.  Argyles are going to grow in the apparel offering.

    Now I'm wondering about pants!!!  C'mon DG, get Chris to tell us!

    I couldn't post a pic of the new argyle socks as it would have given away the next color stories. I should be able to post them next week now that the cat is out of the bag on the fall 2012 line. I'm a little lost on the pants comment? What are you looking for?

    Show 'em off, Devin!


    I can't wait for that.

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    I can't wait for that.


    Agree...can't wait!

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    Maybe 20? Not too sure Rwelch.