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Foot Joy Socks

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    Whats is the best ankle cut sock that Foot Joy makes that compares to or is similar to the Kent Wool tour socks. I like the Kent Wool but I really dont see paying 20 dollars a pair?


    Have you even tried Kentwool sock to compare it versus a FJ sock?  I think you are seeing just the $20 price and judging them strictly on price. 

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    No I haven't tried them. I'm not judging them at all I just want to find out more about them before I buy them, or if FJ has a sock like the them. I just have a hard time spending 20 dollars on a pair of socks. 

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    I've found kentwools to be a bit overrated. Not worth the $20.

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    I wear the Canadian flag ones. $15 for a pack of three and they are the best socks I have ever worn.