I'm very cold natured & I was wondering whats the warmest sock out there?  Winter's right around the cornor.


    Nelbass, I left this info on another post, but will duplicate it here.

    If you play at temps under 50 degrees, you could try socks made of Polartec material. I have some of those and they keep your feet really warm (almost too warm). Only drawback is that you'll need to wear a shoe that is a bit more generous size wise, since the materail is bulkier than cotton. I have a pair of DryJoys that I use only for rounds in the coldest weather.

    For anything over 50 I find that regular FJ socks are fine and keep my feet suitably warm.




    I bought a pair of Smartwool Trekking socks I'm gonna check out soon.

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    I got some smartwools as well at ***'s and they are the perfect combination of comfort and warmth.


    Your right Matt. The Smartwool socks are great. Very comfortable & keep my toes nice & warm so for playing in mid 40's.

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    I'm all about the smartwool socks on cold days...I usually wear them to work in the winter here in MN.