TechSof Crew Sweepstakes



    Congratulations to this weeks winners!  Make sure you enter for round 4 if you did not win this week!

    Here are the previous winners of the 2009 TechSof Sweepstakes :

    Week 3 - 10/11/09

    Already entered and still no Forum member winners. Maybe in this last one?????????????


    Yes, this is the final week.  They will pull the winner on Oct. 18.  Keep your fingers crossed, maybe all the forum members will win the time around?!


    Congratulations to all the winners of this sweepstakes!

    Here are the final winners of the 2009 TechSof Sweepstakes:

    Week 4 - 10/18/09


    Add my name to the congratulation list for the winners. None of us in the communtiy did win, but with the number of entries, that is not surprising. We all would like to have won, but we all wish the winners the best of enjoyment with their new socks.


    It's bound to happen.  As eagle said, we had a lot of entries (over 10,000) for this sweepstakes and the winners are picked totally at random.  

    We have a few FJ Ambassador ONLY sweeps opportunities planned for the near term ... one (or more) of you will definitely win =)



    Will look forward to what you have planned.As I saud before, whatever it will be is going to be a of quality.

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    More sock sweekstakes please!