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    Well I hate to admit this, but I wasn't totally convinced about these high-tech socks. After all, as sock is a sock is a sock...right? Well not really. Yesterday while getting fitted for some shoes I tried these socks on and I couldn't believe just how great they are. Soft under foot and you can't feel any of the seems.

    They will be on order and replacing all the other socks that I would normally wear to play in ASAP!!!


    Yep, they are a sure winner.


    I have started realizing this myself


    didn't know...thanks for the information...will give them a try

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    Really? Must give them a try sometime.....

    I'ev always had to wear thick winter socks with my Classics because I made the mistake (more than once) of buying new golf shoes two weeks into vacations where I seemed to spend all my time walking round Disney parks and malls (and the odd golf shop....). Took me 3 vacations to realise I have to buy golf shoes the first day or (with all the walking I guess) my feet swell slightly, and by the time I get home the shoes are no longer a perfect fit!

    Still, learnt my lesson in time for the last trip and got two more pairs that fit perfectly so I can try these FJ fancy socks now :)


    19 my man....

    I bought a bunch of ProDry Extremes earlier this year from since a few of my FJ socks were wearing a bit thin. Immediately they felt like the most comfortable socks ever. Great support and the padding was way better than previous models, and in all the right places.

    Like you, I have changed all my golf socks over to this model.

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    These are the ONLY socks that I'll wear! I never have to adjust them and they feel amazing!


    Sounds like I will be making a sock switch


    How do they compare to the TechSof?


    Sounds good, I'm going to check them out.

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    TGW is running a pretty nice sale on ProDry's right now!