ProDry Socks 20% off


    All of this talk about the Merino socks reminded me how much I like them (since they are now my every day sock).  Had to pick up some more "extras" from 3balls at such a good price.  Still need to check out the tour compression socks, from what I have heard they are awesome as well.


    I have a fresh order of the wools heading this way from


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    A few crew pair headed my way for this spring weather.


    tdogg21Devin_GmitterMarkWDallasTxDevin_GmitterminiwarmthNice. but I just picked up like 18 pairs of the merino wools ones. Will have to pass on these :( The merino is great though, sad to see it leave the US market.

    Why are they leaving the U.S. market? Low sales?  The majority of  American golf consumers see wool and assume warmth, "I would wear them in the cold but not in the summer."  When actually, in my experience and the experience of many that have tried them, wool actually regulates temperate better.  I am sure you can still find them at retail but we are fresh out!

    That was one of the reasons I wasn't quick to try them.  That and they aren't "no-show." There is a low cut/ no show version, or was...

    Hmm....didn't realize that.  I guess I need to up my sock game.