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Gtxtreme who is playing it ?

Gtxtreme who is playing it ?


    I am wearing out my last spidr2, is GTXtreme  the way to go ?


    What is the difference between GTx and gtextreme ???

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    I made the switch at the beginning of the year.  I find the two gloves very similar but I prefer the Spidr2.   Great grip on both gloves, you get a ball marker on the back of the GTXtreme.  There are little subtle differences.  If you are making the switch from the Spidr2 there really is no other glove on the market that has the grip of these two gloves.  I would definitely recommend the GTXtreme if you can't get anymore Spidr2's.

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    I tried one on the other day and liked the feel.  I may pull the trigger and put it in play.  

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    Just bought one and tried it the other day. Comfortable and a little cooler feeling that the Weather Soft I have. The GTXtreme I mean.


    I prefer the Spidr2 as well however the GTXtreme is a very comfortable glove to wear...