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Tom Lehman: FJ Gloves

Tom Lehman: FJ Gloves

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    Just watched a Tom Lehman golf drill video on club release on the Golf Channel site. Even though he is a Taylor Made/Adidas guy, he is wearing a FootJoy, SofJoy glove. Good choice Tom!

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    Got to see that one....Love it when a TM guy indulges in what works best!!!!  Go FJ!!

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    Those TM gloves are always sooo loud, too many distracting colors/designs.  They are obnoxious!  

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    Just goes to show that when endorsement $$ aren't involved,the pros know that FJ is the best for their game.


    I saw that a couple of days ago. The pros know what's best.


    As aside note, did y'all notice Kuchar wearing the Titleist cart gloves during the match play event?

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    zacho I agree with you.  Probably why so many players were FJ shoes when they are endorsed by someone else.