Thickness of leather , Does it make a difference?


    I have both a StaSof and a SofJoy glove in my bag. The leather in the SofJoy feels a little thicker than the StaSof.  When I wore the SofJoy I would hit it a little right and then put on the StaSof I would hit it a little left. After thinking about how grip tape can affect your swing, I was wondering if leather thickness could make a difference. It would be legal to change gloves during the round thus affecting the shots. I asked my pro and he said I was over thinking it.  So I figured the real pro's could add some comment!! Let's hear it.


    Your Pro is right.......don't overthink. 


    I've never thought of that!  I've always used Stasof and Perma.  I like them because they feel thin and I like them snug fitted. 

    Also, when I change grips, I like them all to be uniformed in the number of tapes and grips alike. . . which is one tape on a 58.

    I've fooled around with layers and even gone up to a mid size to help my an aging hands (ha ha).  But I'm no pro . . . I just like to tinker when time permits.  It's fun to have done things and more importantly know a little of how it affects my swing or results of it for my self, and definitely not certified to give advise for others.

    Anyway, I think you maybe on to something here.  I'll try this at the range for kicks and have some fun with it.

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    It prolly would just like grips. It's prolly all about the feel.

    Listen to your a way overthinking this! Wear a glove that gives you the best feel and you will play your best.


    Bob, count me as one who thinks you may be over-thinking this.  Find the glove that feels the most comfortable to you and go with it!


    no it is just how they make the glove


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    Feel is important to me...and thickness can effect feel.  I use both of the gloves you mentioned, and they feel good to me.  I think the quality of the glove trumps thickness...i.e., good leather and fit, and thickness matters less. 


    The conditions stated are a result of your grip pressure. You have made a change based on the "feel" you experience in your hands (you have more or less confidence in your grip based on the gloves ability to reduce club rotation during impact).

    -simple fix


    -ICONs for ALL 

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    Gloves can feel thicker or thinner to a players but we are talking about a millimeter.  More quality gloves do have high quality thin leather which feel ssooooo nice