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Gloves - color or not?


    Do you like a splash of color on your golf glove, like we offer in the SciFlex line, or just straight black/white like PureTouch Limited? Vote below and let us know.

    Do you like a splash of color on your golf glove or just black/white?

    • Love some color (61.1%)
    • No color, just black/white (38.9%)
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    Traditionally speaking, I prefer no color.  But with the limitless color options that FootJoy offers in its shoe line, I find my shoe color options in my closet expanding (seemingly) by the day.  As such, my gloves need to keep pace and I find that the SciFlex glove offers some color schemes that look great.  My current color preference is the orange SciFlex that I enjoy sporting with my Cleveland Browns MyJoys -- it looks great!  Throw on a ProDry orange shirt and I look like I'm ready to either tee it up at Firestone or sit directly in the Dawg Pound!


    The color in the SciFlex is about as bold as I go.  Its nice they come in the assorted pre-packs to give a little variety.  

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    I love color and I think it would be fun to have glove offering's similar to the one Charlie Hoffman wore at the AT&T National...Green. The thing was solid green! Could you imagine showing up at the first tee with one of those on...


    No need to be EXTRA flashy with the colored glove. I play the SciFlex and the WeatherSoft. The SciFlex is pretty basic, BUT on occasion I'll bust out one of my colored weathersoft gloves... either tan or navy blue... retro look, you know?

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    I love the colors. I used to wear an all-black Weather-Sof glove when I first started playing. I love Charley Hoffman's green Sta-Sof gloves. I also liked the Sci-Flex gloves made for the Ryder Cup. I really wish that they were made available for sale!

    It would be awesome to get a an all-red Sta-Sof or an all-blue Sta-Sof.

    Overall, I really think that color is nice and important, particularly to younger players!

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    Being a south paw, I am limited to black and white...  I understand that the percentaged of RH golfers outweighs significantly the LH golfer population, however; if FJ made some LH colored gloves, I would by them up for sure! 


    I think it would be cool to bring a few more color options to the StaSof gloves...like Hoffman's green glove. 


    I prefer that plain old white with a bit of black accent. Call me boring........


    Just plain old boring white with black for me!

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    Just stay with the basics....all white....all the time.


    I like the SciFlex gloves with the little bit of color. I don't think it is too much, but a nice accent to the white glove.  I use the white and orange one, but like the white with blue too.


    Big fan of color, more so in tournaments, practice i'm pretty much a straight white, but tourny's I like to match it up.

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    Color - color - color!  I love color.  I still have some old FJ gloves that are black - tan - brown - navy - black - red - light blue.  I wish they would bring color gloves back.  "J"


    First of all FJ, you need to add availability for those of us that are left handed. How can you only offer the color options for righties? And keeping the sku count in control is not an answer.

    I want color because I match what I wear, from hats, belts, shoes and shirts together every time I play. Putting the finisihing touch on the ensemble with a nice FJ glove is quite high on my list of things that I'd like to add, but currently can not.

    Here's a recommendation for you. Sell the colored gloves in 3 packs on line. Let players pick which colors they'd like, just as they do today with My Joys shoes. This won't put too much stock in the retailers and it keeps loyalists happy. This one is a no brainer frankly....