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    Are there any tour only footjoy gloves out there that are much better


    Gloves that only tour players are allowed to play? I am not sure if they have any right now, but they have had some in the past, which is where many of the glove sweepstakes on the website came from before they released the gloves to us.

    The best glove that FootJoy makes is the Pure Touch Limited. A lot of Tour players use them and guess what so can you!

    Pure Touch Limited is by far the best glove on the market and worth the money if you aren't hard on gloves.


    Sadly, we Lefties need not apply.... No Pure Touch for us.


    To answer your question, no.  There are no "FTUO" gloves or CT gloves out there unless they are prototypes that are being tested by the best of the best.

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    What does a pure touch limited go for?

    Retail is around $29
    The pure touch, sciflex and sta sof seem to be the tour players choices at the moment I have heard...the key differentiator being the feelnand thickness of each glove.

    Great thing is that all the FootJoy gear is built for the Tour.  So we get the same performance, style and comfort they get without the super big checks.... and I mean big.


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    I do not think so, only glove I can think is a Pure Touch though.