More Sci Flex Options?


    Hello Devin and Chris

    OK, I know this is a topic we've discussed early on in the forums, but it's time again to ask for some additional color options of SciFlex gloves for we Lefty golfers. The ladies now have the Attitudes line and there are colors for the Righty golfers. But we southpaws are left out of the "choice" discussion with regards to gloves.

    Since there will be abundant new fashion coming next spring via the FJ apparel line, it would be so lovely to add a couple color "pops" to the glove line up for us! Please consider showing us a little love!


    Hmm, I like the idea of adding more colors. :D


    What, TH?  You're looking for equal treatment?  Great idea, by the way.  You should be able to coordinate your glove with the rest of your sartorial outfits.


    Yeah, but the inventory issues are big at retail.....

    But if I'm really innovative..... perhaps something ordered directly from the manufacturer via a site called MyJoys....

    Just sayin'

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    Love it! I'd love a way to match my red and black golf attire!
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    More colors would be great- what was it, early 90s FJ/Titleist used to produce about a dozen colors in mens gloves-  they dye used to seep on a hot day tho, end up your match with a bright red or forest green left hand.

    I would definitely keep several colors in stock.


    Woukld love to have some color options in the Sci Flex for us lefty's. Went to GG to pick up a new glove last week and was able to get 1 stasoft in my size because that was all they had.

    Was amazing how many more option I had to pick from when back in Canada for vacation. Much higher % of lefty's up north thanks to hockey.


    or more options for those of us with XXL hands, we get the shaft as much as leftys

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    i want more black and yellow options, thats just my opinion though



    If you would just turn your clubs around and use them the right way there wouldn't be this problem!! LOL




    Really Eric & Rick? Turn my clubs.....

    I would surely have thought 2 intelligent guys like you could come up with something I hadn't heard, oh let's just say more than once, shall we?

    You guys can do better than this...

    Oh yes, I did pick up some Titleist Players Flex gloves in Red, Light Blue, and Black...

    FJ? FJ? Hello... anyone there? Buehler?


    Randy, sometimes stating the obvious is both the most intelligent and clear thing to do.


    I like black gloves...vs. white sometimes just to mix it would be nice to have a black glove with white accents!  While we are dreaming!!


    Touche Rick!