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FJ and Titleist

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    I believe they are seperate entities for gloves. Personally, I prefer any FJ glove to a Titleist one. I'm not hating on the players glove but FJ makes a more solid glove I feel. But like anything else, it's all about what feels good to you.


    I like the Titleist Players glove, and the FJ SCiFlex. Would love try try the Pure Touch, but have to find a place that has them to try on before I buy it. The only complaint I have about the Titleist glove is that I have ripped several at the cuff. Titleist told me that it is not warranted for this sort of damage. Never had a problem with the FJ glove....

    you take them out of the pack and try them on before you buy them

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    Tyler, what kind of lifespan are you currently getting out of the PTL gloves?

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    Both are very good gloves and there is no feeling like a new glove to start off a round!!


    However after using the first FJ gloove I never used other brand again.


    I'm a FJ Glove Gal....But no Titleist Glove options for us ladies anyway....


    FJ All the way..

    Better feel

    More Durable

    It's your money, spend it wisely...


    -ICONs for ALL

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    I'm going to take a wild guess and say that since FJ and Titleist (used to?) share common ownership that they are probably made in the same factories.