FJ Rain Gloves ... best around BUT hardly promoted extensively in Asia where it sees the most rainfall days.

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    Hi guys/gals,

    I love d rain gloves. Interestingly, it's hardly promoted in Asia even though we get the most rainfall days here. Wouldn't part of marketing be to promote a segment of ur item where it speaks d loudest. Especially when Asia sees enuf rainfall, target that segment market. Sure, ur primary glove shd b a leather glove for it's great feel etc. But promote a bck up glove like d Rain Glove so u upsell ur customers d need to own one as u instinctively say 2 ur customers, "never be caught in a situation where a lil' rain will wreck ur game/betting round". Juz food for thought....


    They're great gloves. I need some for this winter.


    yes they r the best ones


    But all FJ Asian sites (China, Thai, Korea, etc) has the Raingrip gloves announced, it means that it has to be available for asian markets, maybe in the near future thanks to its quality in rain conditions people like you could promote them as a game improver.

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    Try to order them online. I love them and they are popular, they will be easy to find.