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Lefties... where is the best place to find a large selection of FJ gloves?


    Thank godness for Chris hooking me up with several different right-handed FJ gloves when I won to be SPIDR2 tester otherwise I would have been glove-less!   Well of course they didn't have any righties to test at the moment either!  LOL   Anyway I finally went through the ones I was given and it was time to buy some new ones.  I've been to several  PGA Superstore, Edwin Watts, and pro shops and I walked out with 0 gloves.   I could only find  WeatherSof but none in my size.   I did little shopping online at GPPGolf and ordered a SPIDR2 to try and (2) WeatherSof to hold me over.   Those were only gloves they had!  I get shipping notice that the SPIDR2 had shipped but WeatherSof were on backorder.


    To my lefties......  Where do you find your gloves?  Where are places that carry size ML too?  :)


    Lovely...  Checked with GPP about the (2) WeatherSof.  I find out they no longer carry them.   So I ordered 2 more SPIDR2 gloves. 


    Being a lefty is so much fun!


    JD my friend... welcome to the world of "wrong side".....

    I get my gloves at either Golf Galaxy or TGW.com.

    Currently on-line Golf Galaxy has FJ Spidr for $13.99 in ML.

    TGW has everything in stock. Currently have SciFlex in ML for $13.96. StaSof for $18.00.

    There is the answer my friend. And I usually buy at least 6 at a time....


    I am lucky that my local GG has a great selection of gloves for th us "lefties". Have also seen a great selection on TGW.com.


    Try DiscountDan'sgolf.com. They seem to have many of the gloves. Hopefully in your size.

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    I found my gloves at Academy Sports. They carry a huge selection of right hand, lots of sizes for men and women


    I know about not finding lefty gear..but, I too order from TGW for my gloves and our local Edwin Watts does a pretty good job of stocking them but, usually will buy all they have b/c of this very issue..

    hopefully, golf will think about leftys more b/c as we've all noticed, there sure are more of them showing up on Tour that are winning



    Well I happened to clean up my golf corner at the house and found 3 new WeatherSof gloves and dozen balls in a box.   I guess I was stocking up for a rainy day.  Well found extra pair of raingloves too!  LOL


    I will have to get intouch with Discount Dan's when comes time to buy more...  I buy almost all my clubs from them. 


    GolfSmith usually has 3 packs of WeatherSofs for lefties and righties.  I believe they have the SPIDR2's also.

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    My local Golf Galaxy actually has a decent selection for us lefties. I haven't ordered anything online from them but, it might be a good place to start.


    Try ***'s. They have a pretty good selection , not sure if they have your size but you could call the one nearest you & ask.


    I usually get mine either @ TGW or Edwin Watts (in store)


    golfsmith or golfgalaxy

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    My buddy is a lefty, and purchases all his golf gloves at Golf Town.