What compares to the Titleist permasof?

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    Which FJ glove closely matches the Titleist permasof? I have tried I think all the FJ gloves, and none are quite the same. I think the sta-sof may be the closest, but the leather isn't as good.


    I would give the SciFlex a try. A very nice glove. If you want to try a glove in the Titleist family the Players Flex is a great glove for both feel and wear. It is now my day to day glove with the occasional FootJot Pure Touch Limited rotated in.



    welcome to the community. I would say your best bet will be the sta-sof or the PTL (if you are a righty only). The PTL is a limited edition glove that has become a favorite of many here at the FJ community.



    I have to agree with 19 on this , but I feel the PTL glove is not only a better match, but overall a better glove. SciFlex may be an option, but I would stick with the PTL.


    It is hard to compare the PTL to any other glove out there. Not only is it the thinnest and softest glove you can get but the price point is not even close to that of the  PermaSoft.

    In trying to suggest alternative gloves, I had this in mind. It is difficult to suggest that someone try a $28 glove when they have been using a glove that costs $17.

    I do agree that the PTL is the best glove out there, but if you are like me and use 3-4 dozen a year they get to be pretty expensive.


    PTL is better than the permasof.  You will not be disappointed.


    I agree with 19hole on this.  The PTL is an awesome glove, but with a limited budget for things like golf gloves, the SciFlex is my regular choice.  I do wear the PTL on ocassion. 

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    Hmm. I would say the StaSof does. Best of luck!!