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    TBH i don't think so.  Footjoy made that packaging so it seemed very expensive.  Look over function I guess...


    I like the package for the ptl


    Have to say that I really like to PTL packaging and certainly seems more luxurious and special.

    BUT having said that I just dump it in the rubbish after I open it and fold my gloves in half and store it in my bag after a round.

    An average glove lasts me about a month or two depending on how much I play so I don't have too many concerns about gloves loosing playability by the way they are stored or kept in my bag.

    Understand though that some do like to re-package their gloves afterwards and just thing that if you give the box a squeeze and thres glove to first you should'nt have too many problems getting in sorted as new.



    Couldnt disagree with you more Christian.  The PTL is the best glove going...


    If your glove is damp after use take it out of your bag and let it dry on a towel. Wet gloves in bags or or envelopes left inside a golf bag, is not good glove care.  After the gloves are dry let them breathe.