Sizing: Cadet vs. Regular, Models have different fits???

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    I have never been able to figure out the difference of cadet vs. regular.  It seems stores and shops always have low inventory so I can't compare in the XL sizes of the same model glove.  I end up trying different model gloves but I think they all fit differently.  What does everyone else think? Do you all wear the same size glove across different models?


    The cadet glove is made with shorter fingers.

    eg.  mens med vs mens med cadet.............................shorter fingers on the cadet, everything else is the same

    I think


    Well, the biggest difference is that cadets are made for anyone who has fingers that are not in line with there hands.  Basically if you have shorter fingers the cadet would be for you.

    I wear the cadet across the board because if I wear the regular glove I am constantly pushing the fingers on the glove down.

    Ultimately it is going to come down to your comfort.


    The cadet glove has shorter fingers

    eg.  mens med vs mens med cadet

    same size gloves with shorter fingers on the cadet



    I still say those of us with long fingers are getting shafted. I have to get regular XL or XXL depending on the glove, then have the velcro closure sticking way out to fit my hand.


    They are all a bit different from brand to brand. I always try it on at the store before buying the glove. One guy at the store got mad because I opened the pack to try it but I told him I wasn't going to buy anything I couldn't try on. It fit great and I bought it but, He was a bit ruge. G... S.... you can fill in the blands and I believe hendricks has had some problems with their emplyees as well


    It has been my experience that with FJ gloves, the cadet is shorter in the fingers and a little bit smaller in the hand width than the regular. And all of the different gloves that they make seem to fit about the same regardless of the style.


    My wife needed new gloves, so we hit GG to try to find her new ones and we ran into an issue. First off, my wife loved the Spyder, but its not made for women and the mens cadet small was too big. While I have the long fingers / thin hands fitting problem, she has short fingers / wider hands. Why dont womens gloves come in cadet sizes as well? After trying every FJ model out there first, we had to end up leaving with Nike gloves because they are the only ones that fit her

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    Yes. Cadet fits smaller if I remember correctly. Just purchase regular and you should be fine, message me if you have any questions. :-)