StaSof or Pure Touch? Which is your preference and why?


    As I am reading the blog today on this site I noticed the following:

    "We're seeing a lot of players wearing SYNR-G this week at East Lake as they look for the most stable platform to combat the soggy conditions. SYNR-G wearers Zach Johnson (StaSof glove) and Steve Stricker (PureTouch Limited glove), who both wore style #53870 in round one and can win the FedEx Cup by winning THE TOUR Championship, sit at even par after round one, just four shots back."

    ....and I am thinking ok, Zach plays with StaSof and Steve plays with PureTouch...I wonder why the difference in use since PureTouch is the latest and greatest why wouldn't everyone play with it!?

    Any thoughts...?


    Chris --

    In addition to the Pure Touch Limited vs Titleist Players I did a while back (read that here, halfway down the page), here is a brief breakdown on PLT vs. StaSof ...

    - StaSof uses Pittards' Taction APL cabretta leather which is designed to be the best moisture and perspiration resistant glove leather in the business.  PTL cabretta comes from a different source and is chosen purely for it's thin softness characterisitics.

    - StaSof has Coolmax Lycra knuckle inserts.  PTL has targeted zig-zag elastic across the knuckles.

    - StaSof has an angle tab closure.  PTL has a standard tab closure.

    - StaSof has perforations on the back and palm side of the fingers.  PTL's palm is free from any perforations but has them on the back.  

    That is a basic blow by blow of the product characteristics of the two products.  I hate to sound like a broken record, but in the end, it all comes down to player preference.  Remember we also have many players on all professional tours using SciFlex as well.

    We introduced Pure Touch during the 2009 season. Many tour pros do not like to mess with their gear during the season.  There is a possibility (but no guarantee) that players could try Pure Touch during the off-season potentially looking to game it in 2010.

    Hope this helps.




    Mike, this is great stuff...

    Thanks for the recap, and I agree choices are wonderful especially for players that have very particular preferences like many of us as well as tour player have!

    Enjoy the weekend golfing and hopefully using your preferred FJ Glove!

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    Pure Touch. Classy looking glove and feels incredible.


    For me, I prefer the StasSof.

    I started purchasing only PureTouch and I'm not sure why but a few ripped very easy around the wrist area (I did contact FJ and they send me a new one). So instead of purchasing a new PureTouch, I decided to go with the StaSof and never looked back.

    For me (maybe something I was doing) the StaSof has lasted longer.

    Although, I do love the look of the PureTouch.

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    I absolutely love the Pure Touch.  I bought several and plan to rotate them to last longer.  Hands down the best glove I have ever owned.

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    I am using e StaSof for everyday and the Pure Touch for events/tournaments.


    The PTL is "Butter Soft" and feels great but, the StaSoft works, feels almost as soft and is much more durable.

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    Pure touch is the best glove in golf. Not even a fair contest.

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    I'm a StaSof guy simply because Pure Touch doesn't come in XXL (that I'm aware of) so I've never been able to try.


    I wish Puretouch came in right handed....


    The PTL glove feels great and I cannot imagine a better glove out there on the market.  From fit to feel, this glove is simply the best.  I was at a golf outing and my buddy was talking to the Titleist rep about the different gloves available and he said "I probably shouldn't tell you this, but if you want the best glove..." and he went over an picked up a PTL and said "this is the best glove of any, hands down."  I have to agree with this assessment and, if money were no object, I would use the PTL all of the time.  The only issue I have had with the PTL are it's wear characteristics.  I use the GP multi-compound grips and the cord tends to not be to gentle on the PTL gloves.  The StaSoft gloves tend to wear quite a bit better over time and, while the StaSoft glove is soft and very comfortable, the PTL is another step up all by itself in feel.

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    I prefer the Pure Touch Limited.  I wear a cadet medium and the PTL offers the best fit and feel.  I have had no problems with durability.  I purchased 6 gloves at the same time, they all fit exactly the same.   They are worth every penny I pay for them.