Glove Longevity

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    Glove longevity is becoming an issue for me. I must have the grip of Lou Ferrigno on my clubs because my brand new Titleist Permasoft Glove lasted less than 5 rounds. Does anyone have a recommendation of a glove that might last a little longer before my thumb and middle finger are protruding?


    The middle finger is a very strange place for wear so I am guessing a minor grip issue could be at play.  Perhaps lighter grip pressure, it can cure MANY problems.  Corded grips also wreak havoc on glove durability.  Excessive wear on the thumb indicates that you could be extending your thumb to far down the shaft.

    Also, are you hitting balls on the range in this glove that you wear for 5 rounds?  You figure a near perfect ball striking round you will hit around 36 full shots with your glove on, for most this number will be well higher.  A large bucket on the range can total over a hundred full shots, rapid fire, while you pour sweat into the glove.  When you think abut it that way, one long range session is almost like playing three/four rounds of golf.


    I prefer the Sta-Sof glove and when after a couple rounds I transition them to range gloves.   What do others do? Just curious!!  I can easily get hundreds and hundreds of shots out of a Sta-Sof glove!


    I follow your train of thought  Chris...I will move a glove out of play keep as a range glove thus not ruining a new glove...I prefer the Sci Flex or Sta Sof


    I do have about 6 gloves in my rotation and keep the older, just worn-out gloves for range time. They all definitely last longer than 5 rounds so it must be related to either your grip pressure or grips. Also, I do usually rotate two gloves during a round.


    I cycle through 3-4 playing gloves at a time and then relegate them to range and foul weather gloves.


    Rotating 3-4 gloves extends the life of mine to several rounds. Last winter, 4 gloves lasted me from October to April - roughly 120 rounds.


    Eippert.1--I have to agree with Tyler.  I typically use three or four gloves in rotation, never wearing one glove two days (or two rounds) in a row.  Prior to purchasing the new StaCool gloves, I rotated two StaSofs during a round, changing gloves each hole.  This gives each glove a chance to dry out a bit between holes and keeps them from becoming saturated with perspiration.  With the StaCool, I am finding that I do not need to rotate gloves during a round, but I still change gloves for every round I play never wearing one glove for two consecutive rounds.  My pre-round range time is limited to about 25 balls, so I don't add even the equivalent of a full round when warming up.  I do take different, older gloves with me when I go to the range for a full range session so that my in-play gloves don't wear out too fast.

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    I have a quart sized zip lock bag with gloves in it.  Right now about five are inside.  I use three for rounds, and the other two are range gloves.  And since I work at a golf course, I find random gloves all the time.  So I always do my own durability testing with my FJ gloves against those of other brands.  Now I am waiting for a couple of new gloves my brother is getting for me since I was kind enough to give him some new PTL's last month.  



    5 rounds is a really low number for a glove. As many have said, I rotate my gloves constantly. At the beginning of a season I usually buy a dozen and keep rotating them, and can usually garner at minimum, 9-10 rounds a glove.

    Now playing conditions and grip pressure dictate a lot. Too tight and you'll rub through much more quickly. Moisture and improper drying will cause issues. As C Tiger does, I place my "playing" gloves in a zip lock (8 gloves in there now) and my "practice gloves" in another (5 pairs in there). Some of the practice gloves have been there since last year.

    Good luck with this.


    I changed from Golf Pride New Decade (Corded) grips to the Golf Pride Tour Wrap grips (Noncorded) gloves last longer. I think I get better feel with lighter grip pressure with the new grips.

    GTxtreme is what I've changed into since I'm having to work on my swing- a lot!
    It has a thicker material, and most durable that I have ever found in golf. Also the fit pretty much stays nice and snug through its life. I can remember my first pair lasted for months until I lost it.

    Chord grips will lessen the life of a glove.

    I like StaSof- my favorite gloves. But if I'm having to work a lot on the range GTxtreme until I'm done working on it.
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    Sounds like some grip work will help tremendously. You can always rotate multiple gloves at once and always put them in the original packaging.
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    I have the same problem.  Sorry no suggestions.

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    I used to have durability issues, but I watched this and it changed a few things.  I had been wearing a regular sized glove and now have changed to a cadet.  For range work sessions, I use either a GTxtreme or a WeatherSof because of their durability.  In my opinion, when its time to play, there is no substitute for the StaSof.  Glove rotation also helps with longevity.  I rotate between three gloves, usually changing between every couple of holes.