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Fathers day gift

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    My son bought me 4 gloves for as a Fathers day present. He knows I am a FJ / Titleist nut so he bought me 2 FJ StaCool gloves and 2 Titleist Perma soft gloves.

    He asked me if Titlesist and FJ are owned by the same parent company are they basically the same gloves ? I told him I am sure there some differences but both companies are they best at what they do  that is why I love both . So when ever you don't know what to get me these gloves are just the thing .  He is learning !


    Well played...


    Gives him some options… If one is not available, there's always the other.  Now you just have to up his game to the PTL and the Players.

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    Smarrt son, smart dad!

    Ya you can't go wrong with either!!!

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    Obviously you are training him right. Now you just have to get your wife  thinking about getting you new Titleist sticks.

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    I wouldn't be upset with either. It's funny but I have always preferred FJ but like Titleist as well.


    Smart kid. Obviously he takes after his dad.

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    Just last November I was fitted for and purchase a set  of AP1 714 irons with the wife's blessing so we are covered on that end.

    Gonna lie in the weeds for a while , gonna be in the market for a new Scotty Putter by years end so.....


    Well done by your kiddo :)