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    I wear the PTL because nobody else in the industry makes a glove that is as high quality.  It fits perfectly and allows for the feel everyone should expect from a FJ product.



    Being a fan of an ultra thin glove leaves little to no options with the PTL meeting all my my expectations of what a glove should be.



    I wear a variety of FJ gloves throughout the year. During the beginning and end of the season I will wear the Wintersof. With rains in the Spring, occasionally I will wear the RainGrip. Through most of the summer I will alternate between the SciFlex and StaSof.

    Why, is the easiest, the quality of every glove is superb. The sizing is consistent between glove styles and the comfort & longevity of the gloves mean they will last more than a round or two.

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    i have never found a glove that comes close to FJ.  The most comfortable and lasts longer than any other brands.  Simply the best!


    I have been wearing a Sta-Sof for years and like the grip it offers as well as the fashion appearance.


    When I started to play golf again about 6 years ago, I started without a glove.  It was mid-summer and pretty humid as usual for New England weather.  When I was swinging, I noticed that I was struggling to keep a nice clean grip on the club.  My hand was perspiring and it was hard to hold on to the club.  My playing partner asked me why I didn't use a glove.  To be honest, I didn't have a good response other than I had never worn a glove before.

    I tried one of his gloves for the remainder of the round and found that the club was no longer slipping in my hands.  Eureka....I was on to something.  From that point on, I have worn a glove.

    Now for the good part.  I was invited to Mancherster Lane to demo the new 910 line up.  One of the fitters asked what type of glove I would like.  I said any Foot Joy glove would be great.  Since wearing a glove I told her that I like how the FJ gloves fit.  She then handed me a FJ Pure Touch Limited.  I was amazed at the packaging as it is very unique.  I asked if this was the glove that the tour players uses, as I had never seen one before.  Once I tried on the glove, it was incredible.  

    The FJ PTL is the softest feeling glove on the market.  It truly feels like a second layer of skin and still allows you to feel the club right through impact.

    Thank you for the opportunity.


    When I started playing golf in 1985, I would purchase any glove off the shelf that was on sale and pretty soon realized that that was not the route to go.  That did not last long and they were not dependable nor very comfortable.  One day I picked up a FJ and gave it a try and have been wearing them since.  I normally wear the WeatherSof because I live in a hot and humid area and I need a glove that can hold up under those conditions.  The addtional perk is that you can find them in twin packs which saves a dollar here and there and being retired that is helpful.  I am proponent of all the FJ gloves and play most of them depending on the weather.  I carry tour models, extremes, and spectrums, in my bag as well.  The rain glove is a mainstay in my bag because you never know when a shower will pop up along the coast and if it is an extremely humid day, this glove is a true winner.  Wearing a properly fit FJ glove means that you will have a glove that will perform at it's very best and last if you treat it with respect.  Care is the secret....if you take care of it, it will take care of you, and you will see a difference in your game......FJ the Mark of a Player.....if I am plan on playing my best, I plan on wearing the best.....

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    i wear the FJ winter gloves because they are warm without being bulky. I do not loose feeling were other brands use to make me feel like I had no control of the club..

    Jerry Wood


    Why a golf glove, and more specifically, a FootJoy Glove?

    I use the FJ Spectrum glove, and have since it's launch earlier this year. Having always loved the SciFlex glove, I was thrilled to see FJ make the leap and add colors to their assortment. And not just a small color accent, but a big, bold color statement over the entire back of the glove. And while I've always appreciated the fit, feel, and finish of a FJ glove, the launch of the Spectrum took that to an entirely different level.

    So I added the yellow and navy gloves to match the new Nassau Collection apparel and Icons I have. I added a red glove to match my red caiman asymmetrical Icons. I added a grey glove to wear with my charcoal lizard asymmetrical Icons. And of course I added a Carolina Blue Spectrum glove to wear with my Carolina Blue accented MyJoys. Yes, the pops of color that the Spectrum gloves bring are the perfect compliments to my weekly golf ensembles.

    Yes,  there are those of us who look to personalize every aspect of our wardrobe, with the mindset that when you look good, you play better. For me, no detail is too small in that regards, from the laces on my shoes to the glove on my hand, and making sure they are coordinated. And FootJoy now enables that to happen with another superior product; the FJ Spectrum glove.

    FJ, The Mark of a Player.


    I wear a glove to help control my grip pressure. I find that without one, my left hand grip pressure gets pretty high and I have trouble releaseing the clubhead. Since I changed to the Pure Touch Limitied (PTL), it feels like I don't have a glove on but the result is still grip pressure control.


    Why do I wear a FootJoy glove? Because FootJoy gloves are the best gloves available. Plain and simple, it's just that easy.


    I wear FJ because of the quality that goes into the production.  I don't see FJ gloves having the seams come apart, I don't see FJ gloves wearing in the palms as quickly as others and I don't see others have the customer service FJ does.

    I wear a Footjoy glove because I find they have a great feel as well as being more durable than other manufacturers. Also I believe in brand loyalty. With that said, I can't imagine why I would play anything else..

    I wear FJ because of the quality that goes into the production.  I don't see FJ gloves having the seams come apart, I don't see FJ gloves wearing in the palms as quickly as others and I don't see others have the customer service FJ does.

    I hear you are extra tough on the palms of your gloves due to excessive grip pressure. So stop it.....