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Pure Touch vs Titleist Players Glove


    I have a question. I would like to know if there is any difference between the two or are they the same glove marketed under different standards?? After all,  they both are subsidiaries of Acushnet.

    What say the FJ reps?


    Hi eagle3,

    Congrats on your recent "promotion" to Amabssador! Please keep up the great work.

    To answer your question, PureTouch is designed for better players who demand the finest in materials, fit and feel. It features a lighter leather specification, a more tailored, conforming fit and new leather preparation techniques. Due to these exclusive leather specifications and the strict manufacturing process, the PureTouch glove is only available in a strict number of shops. Here's some additional information on the key differentiators: 

    Exceptionally Soft and Supple Feel
    Using exclusive Cabretta leather specifications, PureTouch delivers a soft, supple feel never before seen in a golf glove. New leather preparation techniques are applied and the perforations on the palm fingers have been removed which eliminate any disruption between the player and golf club.

    Precision, Tailored Fit
    Every aspect of the glove on the back of the hand was designed to deliver a contoured, conforming, almost molded-like fit to your hand. The tailored cut and targeted elastic placement delivers that custom fit.

    Meticulous Construction Elements
    Every single detail has been scrutinized during production of the PureTouch glove. The glove has its own dedicated manufacturing line and quality assurance team. Every glove is hand inspected before packaging. In addition, the unique manufacturing process is longer which enhances the soft, supple feel of the glove.

    Hope this helps!



    I also just went into a little more depth in the latest post here 




    Chris, Thanks for he compliment on arrival to your status as an ambassador. I only I can maintain the standards you  and other Ambassadors have set as I go along. Also thanks for the info on the gloves. Mike also sent info on comparisons between the two gloves. Now I just need to get a Pure Touch and try it as I have used and tried the Titleist.

    And thanks again.


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    Pure Touch, as I just said in another post. Beautiful and classy glove. Feels perfect.